Thought-provoking – completely new protocol!

I liked the course and its ability to open the door to access the neurological system, and seeing some immediate kinematic changes

NKTE has completely change my practice! The tools and concepts learned in this course give you a whole new lens to look through your cases at – especially the ones that have not had the improvements that you are aiming for. The understanding of the neurofunctional relationship between muscles and how they can setup compensatory alterations has impacted not only the way I perform my sessions but also the way I address conditioning and home exercises. Cannot recommend this course enough!
Lyndsey Moore

Hoof and Paw Body Workers, Alberta Canada

It provided me with another tool for my box, and a different way of looking at movement dysfunction

The Equine NeuroKinetic therapy course I attended in 2020, taught by Dr Nicole Rombach, was the catalyst for a change in approach to my equine manual therapy practice, enabling more meaningful, strategic and rewarding manual therapy interventions and outcomes. NKT has provided me with a problem-solving framework and skill base to identify neuromuscular imbalances which has ultimately changed my therapeutic approach from a ‘pain and injury’ focus to a ‘function’ orientated focus, strongly underpinned by functional anatomy. I have felt the outcomes for my equine clients are far more sustainable, observable and can be quite profound in relation to movement patterns, posture and body pain. I feel the NTK modality is the ultimate combination of art and science and continues to take me on a path of learning and discovery.

This has completed changed how I approach my massage sessions